Reviews From Our Successful Clients

CAN DO WORK has already served multiple job-seeking clients in the Union, NJ area. See what they think about our event services through their testimonials or leave a comment our feedback form.

“Joe Nardini is a man of high integrity who has a passionate commitment to serving members of the disability community and their families. There are limited resources for adults with disabilities after they age out of educational programs. Can Do Work LLC provides critical services and support that help young adults successfully make the transition into the work force. Our family had an exceptional experience from Day One where Joe bonded with our son and earned our trust. He immediately dedicated himself to securing our son a best fit job and did not stop until he did. I highly recommend Joe and his company for anyone in need of this type of service."

- JR, Parent

“After that company told us our son was not employable, we thought he couldn’t do anything more than volunteer. The teacher aide job you got him at the pre-school showed everyone he can work. Thank you for everything you did.”

- SM, Parent

“I have never seen my son so happy. Because of the job you got him, he’s less angry, less anxious, has more confidence, and is more fun to be around.”

- JF, Parent

“We had this case forever. No one could find him a job. You did in 10 days. You can have as many cases as you want from us!”

- BM, Case Mgr.

“Thank you for helping me get the bake shop promotion I wanted.”

- PC, Worker

“This is the job our son always wanted. He’s so happy, he wants to work there forever. You’re fantastic at what you do!”

- LA, Parent

“With a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, I couldn’t find work in 8 years. You helped me get the paralegal job I was looking for, and it only took 3 months. I can’t thank you enough!”

- NJ, Worker

“Because of you, he’s become the most reliable worker we have. The customers love him. We gave him an extra day of work, and soon he’ll get a promotion to cashier. You changed his life.”

- BM, Employer

“You’re the only one of all the companies we called who got him a job.”

- RB, Case Mgt.

"One of the greatest challenges faced by our student population and their families is what lies ahead for them in adulthood. Families often question what their child will do in their adulthood after aging out of educational services. In September of 2021, Alpha School was able to celebrate a wonderful accomplishment of one of our recent graduates. James Varela was a member of the Alpha School student body for seven years and a member of our 2021 graduating class. James recently received an offer of employment with TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is a partner of Alpha School’s where students participate in career exploration, job coaching, and community-based instruction. TJ Maxx is just one of the many organizations we collaborate with in order to offer our students these rewarding learning experiences. We partner with other companies and organizations as well such as the ARC of Ocean County, the Jackson Public Library, Larsen Ford, and Petco. James’ success story is to be further attributed to a new relationship Alpha School has recently formed with the organization Can Do Work. Through the guidance and leadership of the team at Can Do Work, young adults and their families are led through the process of attaining employment opportunities with businesses and organizations within their communities. Once an employment opportunity has been acquired, the Can Do Work team further facilitates supports such as site-based job coaching until the individual is prepared to proceed independently. Our team at Alpha School is extremely proud of the progress and success James Varela has made thus far. The young partnership with Can Do Work is in its early stages yet demonstrates great potential to positively impact the lives of many young adults in the future. The teams at Alpha School and Can Do Work aspire to share the joys of more success stories like James in the years to come."

- JG, Principal

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