Achieve Independent Living Through Employment

For people with special needs, having paid employment ranks as the single, most important variable in the independent living equation. Scores of rehabilitation practices, psychiatric theories, volunteer work experiences, psychological and social service interventions, or vocational training techniques do not result directly in earned income for job seekers.

Tangible employment opportunities empower people with special needs to be financially self-sufficient and live independently. CAN DO WORK bases its unique success formula on these beliefs and yields the career placement outcomes it promises.


CAN DO WORK follows a unique 3-tier system that helps special needs youth and adults achieve independent living through labor force canvassing, best-fit job placement, and career development. Our emphasis on long-term job retention and career development has yielded countless opportunities for our job candidates, transforming job seekers into job keepers.

Labor Force Canvassing

CAN DO WORK’s labor force canvassing comprises unconventional business networking combined with traditional and nontraditional job search techniques, as applied to:

  • Cold Call Visits With Prospective Employers (both in-person and virtual);
  • Job Sampling Through Paid Internships (as opposed to free labor);
  • Job Coaching (always on the job and always with employer cooperation and input);
  • Job Task Simulations (when businesses are closed or to maintain acceptable work performance); and most importantly
  • Market Presence (active participation in groups where business owners and business leaders regularly convene).

Best-Fit Job Placement

Job seeking and hiring for special needs people becomes most efficient and effective when they incorporate a Win-Win-Win philosophy. Job candidates win because they get appreciated for who they are and what they can do. Families win because their adult children have workplaces where they can grow, and employers win because they have the most reliable, hardest working employees on the planet.

A best-fit job placement reinforces independent learning, reduces the need for daily supervisory time, and ensures consistently acceptable job performance.

Career Development

Long-term job retention represents a critical feature of best-fit employment. Modern employers often seek holistic skill sets from their workers that contribute to their daily operations. CAN DO WORK, therefore, prepares clients for jobs that may require transferability, versatility, and new skill acquisition. This makes workers viable company assets that enhance the opportunities for upward mobility.

This straight-line approach from job seeking to career development accelerates the pursuit of independent living while simultaneously enhancing self-image and valued productivity. Thriving in a supportive, best-fit workplace opens hidden doors to capabilities and interests previously unknown and undiscovered.

Adopt A Worker

CAN DO WORK seeks local businesses, companies, corporations, and individual sponsors to provide financial assistance to families with working-age, special needs youth and adults. We encourage prospective employers to hire individuals who want to work and can work. In other cases, companies might simply help someone who requires a few weeks of Job Search or Job Coaching intervention from a trained, licensed job developer. 

Through its Adopt A Worker initiative, CAN DO WORK provides needed employment services regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Experience shows that it takes 14 to 18 weeks of active job search, at an average of 5 hours per week, to obtain best-fit employment for special needs individuals. Our sliding fee scale starts at $25 per hour, making the typical Adopt A Worker support as little as $1,750. We ask for a one-time $200 good-faith down payment to secure your commitment to helping. 

For more information on the Adopt A Worker initiative and how you can become a sponsor, contact CDW at 201-913-8525,, or through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you to change people’s lives one job at a time!

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