Where Disabilities Become Job-Ready Capabilities

CAN DO WORK, based in Union, NJ, helps you find more than a job. We focus on matching people with the right employers based on our clients' interests and skill sets. Besides earning a paycheck, our clients have realistic, attainable opportunities to reach their full potential as competent employees.

Our Job Search technique connects you, the job seeker, with the best-fit career prospects to suit your needs. We take a straight-line approach from where you are to where you want to be in your career and in life. Our sliding fee scale makes our services affordable, cost-effective, and immediate.

Please contact us for any service requests. Call Joe at 201-913-8525 or email: candoworkllc@gmail.com.

Changing Lives One Job at a Time

Nothing surpasses having paid employment for working-age youth and adults with special needs. Having a best-fit job improves your self-esteem and sense of belonging and helps you feel valued for who you are and what you can do. At CAN DO WORK, we believe that people who want to work and can work should have every opportunity to do so.

We combine networking and client and family involvement, along with an unbending focus on building career paths with a purpose. If necessity was indeed the mother of invention, CAN DO WORK believes that simplicity and a straightforward approach form the all-important pathway to independence.

Start Your Career With CAN DO WORK

A world of opportunities awaits you with the help of CAN DO WORK. We specialize in helping job seekers with special needs find an inclusive workplace that will help them reach their potential.

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